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Supplement Manufacturers and Private Label Products

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In this new and rapidly growing world of health and nutrition, supplement manufacturers are beginning to take advantage of the appetite suppressing properties of herbs. Many centuries ago people realized that adding certain herbs to their diets could help them supplement manufacturers to suppress their appetite and also reduce their dependence on expensive, often toxic, food additives. Modern supplement manufacturers are now following on this tradition by producing products that can aid the weight loss goals of individuals with varying degrees of obesity and metabolic disorders. With modern manufacturing technology, many of these products now come in forms that are easily consumed just like food.

Many dietary supplements do not contain active ingredients at all. CBD is one example, but it is certainly no less nutritious than many other naturally occurring substances. This fact has been widely reported over the last decade or so, leading to an increased interest in CBD dietary supplement manufacturing by supplement manufacturers. Today’s supplement manufacturers are starting to tap into this demand for naturally occurring, therapeutic substances. One such company, Covid-19, has developed a formula called Covid-Plus, which contains CBD and several other ingredients.

CBD manufacturers can purchase CBD from a variety of sources, including the plant material itself, the wood pulp from which it is made, or even the bark of the tree itself. If the product is to be true dietary supplements, then the manufacturer must ensure that the raw materials used to create it meet certain standards. While the plants used to produce CBD may be grown organically, it is doubtful that they would pass all of the necessary labeling requirements required to ensure healthful consumption. The manufacturer would need to include a statement acknowledging the source of the raw materials, and a description of the process used to convert the raw materials to usable supplements.

It is easy enough for the FDA to verify if the ingredients included in a dietary supplement are safe and appropriate. The FDA has specific rules for food and dietary supplement manufacturers to follow when applying for FDA approval. Any supplement that contains “natural” nutritional ingredients is required to include a nutrition panel with the product label to demonstrate that the product is in compliance with the nutritionals contained in the supplement. Nutrient content declaration statements must provide the complete list of ingredients, and any positive claims must be supported by data obtained through research and appropriate clinical trials.

Package design is just as important to supplement manufacturers as it is to supplement makers. Package type, size and shape all play a part in determining whether a supplement looks the part when it arrives at your door. Packaging must be designed to protect the integrity of the contents, and present a clean, professional look that is easy to read and understood. Packaging must also provide protection against accidental spills and leakage. In addition to effective packaging, the strength and weight of the product label must fit the package size, and there should be appropriate labeling on the outside of the container.

It is important for supplement manufacturers to consult with both the FDA and private label products to determine which methods of production are acceptable to them. It is recommended that supplement manufacturers also consult with internal affairs departments of major companies that produce dietary supplements to determine whether their manufacturing processes are consistent with the applicable laws and regulations. Private label products may be provided by third-party labs that specialize in the manufacture of dietary supplements.

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