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Silk Road Bar and Lounge – Melbourne, VIC

Inspired by the 16th Century historical trade route that connected silk merchants across 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Asian continent comes one of the most talk about and classiest bars in Melbourne’s CBD – Silk Road.

From the moment you walk through the vaulted double doors you are immersed into an elegant environment filled with sparkling chandeliers, marble statues and velvet drapery. Once you have absorbed all the glitz and glamour that the decor of Silk Road has to offer, it’s hard not to get lost in the venue as the size is staggering! With eight bars to explore, you must ensure that you don’t spill any wine on your finest attire.

Towered by a striking Marco Polo statute, the Venetian bar dominates the ground floor with its exclusive range of beer, wine and spirits. What makes this level more appealing is its 18-seat Mediterranean table for tapas offering some of the finest European appetisers you may ever experience in all of Melbourne. But just when you thought that the fine foods of Europe are as good as it gets for this venue, you are wrong. Let’s not forget that the inspiration of Silk Road itself is Asian inspired – meaning that there is succulent Teppanyaki on offer. So not only should you travel to Silk Road with the desire to fuel up on the alcohol, I would highly recommend going to this bar on an empty stomach as the exquisite foods are sure to tempt anybody’s taste buds.

Making your way onto the Mezzanine Level will truly have you wondering if you’ve just rubbed Aladdin’s magic lamp as the atmosphere is truly something you’ve always wished a bar would have. Covered with gold interior, The ‘Shahanshah Lounge meaning ‘king of kings’ was the title given to Alexander the Great when he ruled the Persian Empire. This exclusive area features the ‘Gold’ and ‘Deco’ bars. Fit for any prince, you can reign over the Venetian Bar below while you sip on the finest cocktails and French Champagne that’s on offer.

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a private function at Silk Road then it will be easier to understand why the queue for this place is always so long. The third level holds entry to the very exclusive Bacchus and Neptune Suites that offer world-class service by providing the most premium products on hand. Each room holds 40 guests and operate with their own bar and DJ.

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